"After smoking for 12 years I quit for the health of my children.  My daughter, born with a lung condition, was sick her whole infancy and I had a second baby and he too was always having regular respiratory illnesses. One day a friend of mine who was also a smoker told me how she managed to quit. My friend said to her son that if she ever smoked again, it was the same as telling him that she didn't love them and didn't care about him and would help him move out. I said the same to my own family and I have never looked back. After I quit my daughter’s health rapidly improved and she doesn’t need to visit the hospital nearly as often anymore and my son hasn’t had any lung-related illnesses since. There are benefits for me too, I don't stink, my lungs are clear, no more coughing up black muck!"

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Doreen's Story

I guess I’d just like to say that it definitely wasn’t an easy thing to do, I made several attempts and it's all about getting the nicotine out of your body so if people can work through that, also the knowledge from the health information on what damage it does.

Dorothy's Story

What put me off the smoking... I looked after my brother, he had lung cancer and he had half his lung taken off. I cared for him for 8 years.

Picture of Kay Walley

Kay's Story

I promised my Dad, and then he passed on, so I sort of made the commitment for him.

Fixing a habit

Micky appeared in our 2017 From Every Quitter campaign and is back to reflect on the benefits he's experienced since quitting in the hope of inspiring others.

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Quitline is a confidential advice and information service for people who want to quit smoking. For the cost of a local call (except mobile phones), a trained advisor can help you to plan and develop strategies to quit smoking and stay stopped. You can also use webchat during opening hours.

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