Make Smoking History believes that nobody should live in poverty, be socially excluded, or die early because of tobacco. The program aims to reduce tobacco-related inequities experienced by people accessing community, health, and corrective services, whilst raising awareness of the social injustice caused by smoking. Many people that access these services have considerably higher smoking rates than the general population and face additional barriers which make it harder for them to reduce and quit.

As part of the program, we guide our partner services through a Make Smoking History project to identify tailored solutions for addressing smoking at their services and integrating it into the work they are already doing.

Our principles

All of the services involved in the program share and work towards developing organisation-wide strategies that meet the following three principles:

  1. Sustainable: We will ensure that anything that is implemented is integrated into existing service delivery and will continue despite organisational changes.
  2. Easy to access: We aim to make it as easy as possible for people to receive support to reduce and quit smoking. We recognise that people may not want to quit smoking immediately, but at least they know support is available when they are ready.
  3. Impact: We aim to have an impact and demonstrate the positive change we are making with everything we do.

Read the project overview to find out what is involved in a Make Smoking History project.

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