Types of Smoking

There are many ways of smoking tobacco, but no matter how it's packaged, all tobacco kills.

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Cartoon image showing a hand holding a cigarette. Smoke emitted shows toxins including "Crude oil BENZENE", "Ammonia", "Poison", "Battery", "Nail polish remover"
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Smoking Statistics

About 1 in 10 West Australians smoke daily, but there are groups of people who are smoking at much higher rates. Factors including where people live and how much money they earn can greatly affect whether they take up smoking or not.

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Smoking Costs

At last count, an average 25 pack of cigarettes will set you back $42. If you smoke a pack a day that’s over $15, 000/year! And if you think rollies are a better option, we’ve got bad news.

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Two rolled up $20 notes in the shape of cigarettes. One is resting in a glass ashtray and the second is being stubbed out
Smoke Free Zone sign featuring a picture of children draw by a child. A child rides a scooter at the park in the background.

Smoking & The Law

There are many laws that protect Western Australians from the harms of smoking. In WA, the Tobacco Products Control Act 2006 is our state’s main tobacco control legislation.

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Secondhand Smoke

Secondhand smoke is the smoke from the end of your cigarette and the smoke you breathe out that hangs around in the air. When the people around you breathe in this smoke, it's called passive smoking.

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Free Quit Support

Talk to the Quitline

The Quitline is a confidential telephone advice and information service for people who want to quit smoking.

My QuitBuddy App

The My QuitBuddy App tracks your quitting progress, such as days smoke-free, cigarettes avoided, health gained and dollars saved.

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Proven Tips To Quit

Some people think quitting is about willpower, but to quit successfully means being prepared, and understanding your smoking triggers.

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