Some types of products cannot be sold in Western Australia

Products that fall under these restrictions include:

  • Food, toys or other products designed to resemble tobacco products or packages (candy or chocolate cigars/cigarettes, mints or lollies in a cigarette-like packet and electronic cigarettes).
  • Cigarettes that are not sold in plain packaging.
  • Fruit and confectionery flavoured cigarettes.
  • Individual cigarettes or split packs (each cigarette packet must contain at least 20 cigarettes).
  • Novelty lighters.

For tobacco retailers, there are a number of laws which must be followed when selling or supplying tobacco products.

  • Retailers, wholesalers, and indirect tobacco product sellers must hold a valid retailer’s licence.
  • A retailer’s licence will not be issued for the sale of tobacco products at sporting, cultural or other events.
  • Tobacco products and implements must not be sold, supplied or delivered to children under the age of 18 years.
  • Tobacco price boards must be no larger than A4 size and must be accompanied by a graphic A4 sized health warning. 
  • Tobacco products must not be displayed (display case doors must be shut at all times) unless reasonably open to serve customers or to re-stock shelves. Note: There is a limited exception for ‘specialist’ tobacconists in WA, which are allowed to have a small display.

Advertising and promotion of tobacco products

Commonwealth legislation prohibits the publication and broadcast of tobacco advertisements. Point-of-sale promotions are also prohibited by the Tobacco Products Control Act 2006 (WA).

  • A person must not display or broadcast a tobacco advertisement in a public place.
  • Tobacco products must not be promoted through the use of free samples, competitions, awards, gifts, or prizes.
  • Tobacco sponsorship of youth, cultural and sporting activities/events is prohibited.
  • Tobacco purchases may not be included in loyalty schemes.

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