"Smoking is a waste of time and money. It has had a huge impacted in my life. Chest pain, headaches, you name it. Quitting has been the best thing - feeling greater than ever."

- Tyson

"I was diagnosed with severe emphysema in October 2017. I had been a heavy smoker of ciggies for 45yrs until I had a day of being severely short of breath. I was terrified so went to the doctor and had a CT scan and lung function test and was given my diagnosis...I stopped smoking that very day through fear and with the help of patches. I'm on a morning puffer. I get plenty of exercise and 5 months down the track my breathing is great, I feel like I got a new lease on life. I'm not cured, but know how to manage this disease and slow it right down."

- Moira

"I started smoking aged 10 by taking the odd ciggie from my dad's pack. In the 60's I could easily buy them from vending machines. From about 14 I smoked every day, even when I had a chest infection or bronchitis. Couldn’t go a day without it. At 48 I started to get very short of breath. A year later I could only take one puff which would make me cough my guts up... But I still took that one puff every day. I eventually ended up in hospital diagnosed with emphysema. I was there for 5 weeks. Since then I have never felt any craving for tobacco. Not for a single moment."

- Robert

"I smoked for many years something like 48 years or more. My doctor told me that I could have a stroke. I thought to myself, I need to quit smoking to reduce my risk. If I get a smoking-related illness I’ll be really angry, because I’ll only have myself to blame.
Distraction was the key to quitting for me. I sat down and wrote out a list of distraction techniques to do whenever I wanted a smoke. Go for a walk, take a shower, do some art, hang out in non-smoking areas like the cinema or swimming pool. I was actually shocked at how quickly the cravings went away. I also had a quit booklet on hand, used an online app and got some tablets from my GP. I honestly never thought I could actually quit. I am still amazed in fact, that I have done it."

- Sheree (read more from Sheree here)

"I’m 49 and work as a nurse. I have smoked since I was 15 ... I have always seen the impact of cigarettes on the body through years of nursing but I never thought I would give up - I was dependant on them. I’d wake up during the night to have a cigarette. Last year I applied for a job and had to have a medical. My lung test was poor; I was experiencing shortness of breath and hadn’t been able to take a deep breath for months. After stopping the cigarettes I immediately found that my health improved immensely. I could actually take a deep breath and I could taste food. My breath no longer smelt stale and putrid. My sex life improved, my libido improved. I never realised how much smoking affected me mentally and physically. It would kill me one day and I would never get to see my grandson grow up. For me giving up was the best thing I ever did."

- Louise

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