I used to smoke between 20-40 cigarettes per day. When I decided to quit, I cut down to only 2-3 ciggies a day, and from there I smoked tiny amounts to get my nicotine fix. For the most part I have been smoke-free since late 2016. It’s tempting to have the odd cigarette or two when partaking in social drinking or under immense stress. But despite several moments of weakness (puffing it out), I have not been addicted to smoking at any time since 2017.

Cigarettes are now ridiculously expensive. It actually keeps me from buying them and helps me stay smoke-free! I think I would have saved around $20,000 since I quit full time smoking over the last 4 years. I am a student, and the money saved helps me buy stuff that I need or want around the place. It’s nice to get Uber Eats meals here and there to save time and ease the pressure of studying and the busyness of daily living.  

Since quitting my breathing has certainly improved. This is a great accomplishment for a hobby personal trainer! My sense of smell has improved too. I haven't had bronchitis or chest infections for quite some time and my asthma has not been an issue, which feels amazing. My general well-being has improved. The chronic pain I possess from previous injuries has reduced. This could be attributed to the fact my blood is more effectively circulating throughout my body as the carbon monoxide levels within my body have re-stabilised. Quitting has also allowed my immune system to better respond to internal stimuli and I'm getting more restful sleep. One thing is for certain, it feels incredible to vanquish the late night/early morning cravings and the habitual tendency to get out of bed and jump aboard the tobacco train.

Sadly, my parents and some of my friends still smoke. This makes it difficult for me to hang out with them. I am so happy that my sister quit, and my nephew… Well he thinks I am a superstar since campaigning on the Make Smoking History TV advertisement.

If there is one thing that I hope to have achieved from my role on the campaign it is that ‘I changed at least one person’s perspective on smoking and changed one life’. I truly believe that people are capable of great things if they set their mind to it. Thus, I urge others to avoid placing labels on the goals in their life. If we consider a task to be a superhuman achievement and too difficult, then we are not allowing ourselves the ability to succeed in the first place. “You can do anything you put your mind to”. Often support, space and time is all that is required. Believe in yourself and one day you too could be achieving your impossible.

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